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Instructions for Speakers

The Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners invites all residents to Connect with Mecklenburg County by participating in the governing process. There is a Public Appearance agenda item near the beginning of every regular meeting for the purpose of allowing residents to address the Board on matters not appearing on the agenda. Residents also may sign up to speak about specific agenda items as the Board discusses them. Speakers may not use their time for campaign purposes or make budget requests. Budget requests must be addressed at Budget Public Hearings.
Speaker sign-up is now available anytime online using the form on this page. Please complete all the questions on the sign-up form. Those who include an email address will get an email confirming their registration.
Members of the public appearing before the Board will each be given three minutes to speak unless there are four or more speakers who wish to speak concerning the same matter. In that case, all persons wishing to speak on the same matter will be considered a group and given a total of ten minutes in which to speak. The group (four or more speakers) would divide the ten minutes among themselves or the ten minutes will be divided equally among the speakers by the Board Chairman.
The Board reserves the right to alter these rules on a case-by-case basis as necessary for the efficient and effective conduct of business.
Those with questions can contact Janice S. Paige, Clerk to the Board at 980-314-2912 or

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